St Ives!

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about the beautiful St Ives! St Ives is famous for its art residents because hopefully as you can see in these photos that the light in St Ives is beautiful and very uniqu. Because of this there is the Tate St Ives which showcases modern British artists with links to the St Ives area, luckily for me as I am a Heligan staff member I got in for free! But if you are a student it is only £6 entry, this I think is an okay price as it is a very tiny art exhibition but, the building in which it is in is beautiful.

All throughout St Ives there is lots of lovely independent and unique shops making it a great place to visit rain or shine, or in our case showers. There is also plenty of places to eat and drink, some of my favourites are; the Raw Chocolate Pie Company which I actually bought quite a few bars of raw chocolate and fudge from, they were delicious! They always have loads of tasters for you so you can try before you buy. Willy Wallers had such a massive selection of ice creams and sorbets, I went for the coconut bounty with a cute nobbly bobbly type cone. Actually in these photos you can actually see a seagull trying to attack me and eat my ice cream, haha, make sure you keep your food close if you want to eat it! (I should know better). And of course Hub, St Ives which was the original location and now they have lots of restaurants all around the South West, they do the best burgers and chips and have so many vegetarian and vegan options! In fact when we first arrived in St Ives they were closed due to fitting new appliances so we waited three hours for them to open because the food is just so good and definitely worth the wait!

St Ives is a must see if you’re ever visiting Cornwall, it has its own charm and history which is slightly different to the rest of the Cornish coast. I hope you enjoyed this short post and add St Ives to your bucket list!

Lots of love, Melissa x


What I’m Wearing:

Seasalt’s Seafolly jacket (See my seasalt post here)

Other items I’m wearing (similar)

Some photography by Sam Gill


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