Polruan and Fowey, Cornwall

fowey harbour office

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about the fishing towns of Polruan and Fowey in Cornwall. I know this may sound like quite a surprise to most of you but I think this may have been the first time I have ever been to Polruan and Fowey! I mean I could have quite possible have been when I was very small but I certainly don’t remember it if I did!

Because we were coming from the direction of Looe we decided to drive to Polruan and catch the foot ferry across to Fowey at first we didn’t think it was running as it was November and Polruan was honestly like a ghost town! But to our luck it turned up just as we were about to


leave. The ferry does run every 15 minutes from 10-5 on a Sunday even in the winter, you might just have to be a bit patient which we were not! I will leave a link here to the ferry’s timetable. 

As mentioned above Polruan unfortunately, in the winter is a bit of a ghost town, most of the homes are holiday homes with all of the curtains drawn however, this does mean that it is lovely and quiet and you can find a parking space!

It cost us £2.20 each to catch the 5 minute ferry across to Fowey where we had lunch right on the river front at Havener’s. We both had a lovely halloumi and red pepper roll with chips, crisps and salad for £8 each, it was very tasty and a lovely setting.


We then explored around Fowey which had many lovely homeware shops and art galleries. I would say if you only had time to do one town I would pick Fowey over Polruan as they are rather similar but, Fowey is bigger and has a bit more to offer.

Some of my favourite shops in Fowey were: The ClementinePink Lemons and Mrs Noahs.

I hope you enjoyed this short post all about Polruan and Fowey and add it to your Cornish bucket list! If you wanted to see, read and explore more Cornish fishing towns then click here.

Lots of love, Melissa x