Polperro, Cornwall

seagulls sat on wall in front of polperro vintage museum of lugging and fishing

Polperro, South Coast of Cornwall, England

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Todays post is all about the Cornish fishing village of Polperro, located on the south coast of Cornwall. Sorry I didn’t post last week as it was my birthday and I just wanted to spend some time being with my family! I can’t believe I am now 23. I feel like 23 is an age where you sound like you’re a proper adult, even if you definitely don’t feel like it. I’ve kind of told myself that 23 is the year of me (like the rhyming, aha.) No in all seriousness I feel like I really want to work on myself into becoming the best version I can be. I want to learn new skills, have new experiences and work on myself mentally and physically.

Coastal path from Looe to Polperro

You can hike along the coastal path from Looe to Polperro. The walk took about 2-3 hours and is beautiful and scenic. Also a great workout as it is very hilly! 

Where to eat

The Blue Peter Inn is great for some lunch and drinks. It is a proper quaint and old fashioned pub and has a great selection of food to choose from. However, there is a wide selection of cafes, takeaways, bakery’s, pubs and restaurants to chose from in the summer months as well.

street in polperro fishing village in cornwall
polperro harbour with fishing boats in
polperro river and harbour studio in cornwall

Visiting Polperro in the winter

The village was lovely and quiet thanks to it being in February which meant we could take as many pictures as we liked without anyone getting in the way! Excusing the few Grandma’s walking their dogs. We had a lovely time walking through the village. I really tried to capture the essence of Polperro through its unique and quirky buildings, tiny streets and the river running through it into the sea.

There are lots of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants to visit while in Polperro. But, I do have to admit that in the winter most of them were shut or having a makeover!

The best time to visit 

The best time to visit Polperro would be in the Spring or Autumn. This is when everything tends to be open but it is not overcrowded with tourists. Which leads me onto the car park…

Car parking 

The car park at Polperro is rather large with lots of spaces for cars and coaches. However, it can be a pretty long walk into the village from the car park if you are elderly or disabled. Luckily there is a tram service which I’m pretty sure only runs in the summer. The only other annoying thing about the car park is that it is expensive! The minimum amount of hours you can pay for is 3 which is £4.50! 

anchor on wall of building in polperro in cornwall
house in polperro in cornwall
the three pilchards in polperro in cornwall

I mean for two of us who just wanted a quick wander round and back again, that is a lot of money. Instead we drove a further up the road and parked in a muddy lay-by and walked down to avoid spending our money. However, as you can imagine in the summer it is highly unlikely you will find a spot there and consequently will have to pay the steep car parking fees. 

How much time should you spend in polperro?

All in all I would say that you only need a couple of hours to explore Polperro, as in fact it’s not actually that big. It would be a lovely place to visit for a spot of lunch and a browse around some of its unique shops. Oh, also take a visit to the little beach if you like sea glass. Sam and I found tonnes of it, big and small, in about 5 minutes!

Why not also visit Looe

While you’re in the area I would also recommend visiting the fishing town of Looe. It is only a 10 minute drive away. Looe has a little bit more to offer with a larger town and a beach. However, it doesn’t quite have the same charm as Polperro. If you would like to read and know a bit more about Looe, I will leave my blog post here.


I hope you enjoyed this short post all about Polperro! Other Cornish towns you may like to visit are: St Mawes, Charlestown, Falmouth, St Ives, Padstow, Looe and Polruan and Fowey.

Lots of love, Melissa x

buoys on balcony in polperro in cornwall
fisherman in yellow wellies in polperro harbour
tide out in polperro harbour in cornwall
sea glass found at polperro in cornwall

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