Lumiere London – Light show

lumiere london with london eye in lights

Lumiere London – light show

Today’s post is all about Lumiere London a light show event in London.

When is Lumiere London?

Lumiere London took place from the 18th-21st of January in 2018. The light show is a relatively new event with this only being its second year.

Start at Kings Cross

We started off our night by travelling to Kings Cross for around 5:30pm as this is when the event started. There was a few light exhibitions here: the birds cage, pixar like lamps, laser beams and lit up looking lolly sticks? My favourite one was the laser beams as the way the light bounced off the fog looked incredible and other worldly.


We then headed to Cut and Grind which is a burger place near Kings Cross and I had the most amazing halloumi burger and chips! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food.

South Bank

Finally, we headed to South Bank where there was the triangular/prism sculpture which was motioned centred and lit up when you walked through it. This was really cool however, because everyone kept stopping to take pictures it wasn’t lighting up very much! Also, while at 

lumiere london light up bird cage
lumiere london lollipop sticks
lumiere london laser cage
lumiere london laser lights
lumiere london laser lights and mist

South Bank there was a big projection of a foot, the cross that said Raspberry Ripple (?). Moreover the London Eye was changing different colours from its usual red.


Overall, I would highly recommend going to Lumiere London next year if you can, it is all completely free and something fun to do in gloomy January.


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Lots of love, Melissa x

lumiere london triangle lights
lumiere london raspberry ripple
oxo tower

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