Amsterdam, Netherlands

rijksmuseum amsterdam netherlands

A few days in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Sorry, again this week I am recycling some old photos from my graphic design study trip to Amsterdam in 2015! Wow it doesn’t feel that long ago. 

The study trip

This study trip involved visiting a few graphic design studios and exploring a little bit of the city. We didn’t have much time there as it was a short stay. 

Where we stayed

Because I was on a stud trip again like my New York trip I didn’t get a say on where we stayed. The University chose us to stay at the Hans Brinker hostel which was okay. It has lots of fun branding done by the studio, Kessel Kramer.

What we did in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a beautiful place with the canals and architecture. However, like mentioned we did not have too much time there as it was a study trip. But, we did manage in between visiting studio to explore the Anne Frank museum, walk down the red light district at night, the sex museum… (not my choice) the science museum and get a photo by 

amsterdam cute bike
amsterdam houses on canal
i amsterdam sign
rijksmuseum amsterdam
amsterdam autumn leaves
amsterdam museum
amsterdam houses
the hague netherlands

the I am Amsterdam sign.

When I go back I would love to visit a few more of the museums like: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Body Worlds, If you have anymore suggestions then please let me know.


While in Amsterdam we also took a day trip to the Hague by coach to visit a few studios. While in the Hauge I would recommend visiting Escher in the Palace which is the work of graphic designer Mauritis Cornelis Escher who was a master at optical illusion. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go as how my timetable turned out but my friends did and said it was amazing.


While I was on my study trip I made a short YouTube video of my time there. I also think you would enjoy my other cheap European holiday posts on: Barcelona, Croatia and Mallorca.

Lots of love, Melissa x


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