New York, America

view of new york from the empire state building
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melissa carne in new york in the snow
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A FEW DAYS IN New York, America

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, this post is a throwback from my visit to New York in 2013.


I visited New York with my college as part of an English and Art History trip and it was a whirlwind of an experience. I had never visited a big city before so, visiting New York was a bit overwhelming let alone with all of the jet lag!

How long to stay in New York

If I remember rightly we only stayed in New York for 4 full days. Now I don’t think personally that was enough time. If you take into account jet lag, travel time and everything we packed in (see below). I think it was too much to do in such a short space of time. Meaning that I didn’t actually absorb what I was doing in. We would finish one thing and then be straight off on the next.

What we did in New York

However, apart from being a deer in headlights it was such an amazing experience, we packed so much into the few days we were there. We 

new york street lamp
staten island ferry tour statue of liberty
statue of liberty at sunset in new york
new york bridge lit up
new york from hudson river

visited Grand Central Station. Went on the Staten Island ferry tour to see the Statue of Liberty. Visited the Moma and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Went up the Empire State building. Saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Strolled down Times Square at night. Walked around Central Park in the snow and visited the 9/11 memorial! 

Snow in New York

It snowed which was crazy as it wasn’t suppose too and none of us had prepared for it. Thankfully New York doesn’t stop in the snow like it does in England so we could carry on with our trip  as normal!


Because I was on a college trip I didn’t get a say in where we stayed. So we ended up in a hostel which to be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of. Luckily I was only sharing a room with one of my friends but, the sheets were stained and overall it was just a bit grubby however, I guess New York is very expensive and that is how we did it on a budget.


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Lots of love, Melissa x

times square in new york at night
grand central station
new york traffic lights

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