Paris and Disneyland, France

walt disney and mickey mouse statue at disneyland paris

Paris and Disneyland, France

This weeks post is another throwback to my time spent in Paris in 2015. My family and I went on a long weekend trip (3 days) to France to celebrate my Mum’s 50th birthday. We visited Disneyland and Paris.

Disney World Vs Disneyland

My Mum really wanted to go to Disney World Florida for her birthday however, unfortunately we couldn’t afford it but Disneyland Paris was a great alternative. Disneyland Paris is not as big as Disney World Florida (which we visited in 2004) with there being only 2 parks which are on the small size compared to America’s. However, the parks did have a lot of the main attractions and rides you find in America such as, the Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. 

My favourite rides

My favourite ride was the runaway train but unfortunately it broke down twice while we were on it! One time was pretty scary as we were in the pitch black tunnel, luckily people came to get us pretty quickly. Apparently the runaway train brakes down a lot as there are 2 carriages running simultaneously and if the timings get out of sync it automatically does an emergency stop. 

disneyland paris castle
notre dame paris
golden dome in paris france
notre dame in paris france
eiffel tower in paris france

The other ride that is a vivid memory of mine is the Aerosmith ride, it was insane! We didn’t realise how scary it was until we were on it because it was all inside. The ride started off from a 0 to 60 mph loop the loop, corkscrews, the whole lot, while all at the same time Steven Tyler was screaming dude looks like a lady in our ears. I looked over at my Mum when we had finished the ride and I thought that she might have actually died, she had her head down and wasn’t responding when I said her name, it just turned out she was daydreaming.


On the day trip we took to Paris we bought tickets for the big city bus as it was the easiest way to see all of the sites. This also meant we could hop on and off and spend longer at the places we wanted to see. In this deal with big city bus they also included a boat cruise down the Seine for a little bit extra, this was really lovely and a great way to see the city.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I have left my YouTube travel diary. Other posts on European holidays you may find interesting are: Barcelona, Croatia and Mallorca.

Lots of love, Melissa x


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