Museums, Farm Girl and Harry Styles, London

harry styles in a pink suite at the O2 in london

Museums, Farm Girl and Harry Styles, London

This weeks post is very improv as I didn’t actually plan to spend time taking nice photos (hence why they are iPhone quality). I just wanted to be in the moment. However, going through my camera roll I found a few nice pics. I had such an amazing 48 hours in London that I wanted to share it just for my own memories.

Harry Styles tickets

I booked tickets with my friend, Lucy to see Harry Styles all the way back in June 2017. I stupidly thought that having graduated in July that I would have a job or probably be interning in London at the time of the concert. Therefore I wouldn’t have to travel for it, I was wrong… But this did mean I could spend a lovely day with 1 of my best friends. Explore London and of course see Harry Styles at the O2 in the evening.

Museum of branding and packaging

On Lucy and I’s first stop on our mini adventure was the Museum of Branding and Packaging in Notting Hill. Obviously being graphic design graduates this was a must see for us. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed in the museum which was such a shame as there’s was so much material I would love to use for reference in the future! 

musuem of brand entrance in london
pink blossom on a tree in notting hill
tree in the street in notting hill
lucy in farm girl cafe in notting hill in london

The museum basically takes you from the Victorian era right through to the present year of everything to do with packaging. I think this museum would also be interesting for people who aren’t into design as it is very nostalgic seeing old sweet wrappers, games and well mostly anything. There was definitely and older couple while we were in there doing that. A really funny thing was that it had a whole section dedicated to the packaging of One Direction (as well as The Beatles, Frozen and The Minions.) Which was very coincidental since we were seeing Harry that evening.


We then headed to Farm Girl which was a 15 minute walk away and we managed to get in without any waiting, wahoo! As you might have seen in my previous Notting Hill post, which I will link here. When I last tried to visit Farm Girl there was a half an hour wait outside in the snow! Although visiting there now I think it might have been worth that half an hour wait, the food was delicious and all healthy! 

We started off with latte’s, mine was an almond chai latte with a French Bulldog on it. Lucy had an almond latte with a beautiful heart pattern. I didn’t take a pic before I had slurped at it, sorry! We then order 2 options from the menu and shared it between us. We ordered the Blue 

pharaoh graphic print in the design museum
design museum slogans in nice typefaces won't save the human race poster
the all seeing donald trump at the design museum in london

Jack Tacos – BBQ pulled jackfruit, pineapple, guacamole, egg free mayonnaise and lettuce. Served on 2 soft blue corn tortillas. We also ordered Apple Pancakes – Benoit’s buckwheat mix with amber maple syrup, apple and cinnamon sprinkled with coconut shavings. Both of the plates I would highly recommend!


We then walked to the Design Museum to see the Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics exhibition. This was really interesting and very well curated. There was a good mixture of different mediums and lots of it.The most interactive pieces was the ‘All Seeing Donald Trump’ where he would give you your misfortune.


After the Design Museum we wondered around Oxford and Carnaby Street. We picked up a halloumi wrap from Leon and then headed to the O2 to see Mr Styles. 


I’ve never been to a big concert and at the grand old age of 22 so this was an experience for me. The atmosphere was electric and the screaming when Harry Styles came on was deafening! Nevertheless, I 

liberty shop in london
harry styles on b stage in pink suite at the o2

had an amazing time and Harry put on amazing show. 

At one point Harry moved to B stage which was only 10 metres away from our seats. While on the B stage he played Sweet Creature and the arena lit up like a rainbow. Earlier in the evening clear coloured bits of plastic were passed around (made by I’m guessing a devoted fan) for us to stick to our phone lights and turn on during Sweet Creature. Each section had a designated colour, mine was green. The overall, effect was incredible and the effort from the fans was also!


Overall I had a great day filled with great food. If you’re thinking about going to see Harry Styles live I would highly recommend it, (that’s if it’s not sold out already). Actually, while I’m sitting here writing this post I wish I was still in London seeing his second performance at the O2!


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Lots of love, Melissa x


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