2 days in London, England

westminster and big ben view from the overside of the river thames in london

How to spend 2 days in London

This post is all about my 2 days in London in 2016. This was when I was in the second year of Uni and had an interview for a placement for over the summer. Which sadly I didn’t get but, I did get when I graduated

Cornwall to London

Because it’s a lot of money to travel from Cornwall up to London my boyfriend and I made a bit more of a trip out of it and stayed 1 night in a hotel. We travelled up by train, which I find is cheapest if you book it way in advanced or last minute. I have found tickets as cheap as £15 but the average does seem to be £30-40.

Where we stayed

I booked my accommodation through booking.com as that is where I seem to find the best deal. We stayed near Hyde Park which is a great central location. The hotel was called Rhodes hotel and was £59 a night.

What we did in london on the first day

So we arrived in London at about 1pm ready for my interview at 2pm. After the interview (which went abominably and I spilt my glass of water all over my own portfolio). We went to our hotel to drop off our stuff and headed straight for Madame Tussauds. The tickets for Madame Tussauds were cheapest at 4pm as it closes at 6pm. This worked out great for us as 2 hours was enough time to go around and see everything.

trafalgar square in london with blue sky and clouds
buckingham palace queen is in
buckingham palace roundabout
the globe theatre in london
tower of london from london bridge
london city skyline with the gherkin building
london eye with plane flying over top
johnny depp wax work at madame tussauds in london


The next day we woke up bright and early and visited the Natural History Museum, which I would advise to get there early as there was already a queue starting to build.

We then walked to Harrods and on this walk we saw all of the sights. Our train back to Cornwall was at 6pm so we then went back Paddington ready to catch it all on time. It was a bit of a whirlwind of a trip and we did cram a lot in as this was my first time ever in London. It’s weird to think that now as I practically live there months at a time on my internships.


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Lots of love, Melissa x

et at madame tussauds in london
mo farah wax work at madame tussauds in london
spiderman at madame tussauds in london
katniss everdeen wax work in madame tussauds in london
robert pattinson wax work in madame tussauds in london
ghandi madame tussauds london
usain bolt madame tussauds london

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