Summer picnic and Berry Pavlova recipe!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about throwing a summer picnic plus a very yummy berry pavlova recipe (curtesy of my Mum!) 

I received this beautiful picnic basket from my boyfriend for my birthday a year or two ago and never have used it! So knowing we were going to Polzeath for the weekend and the weather was good I packed it up and bought it along with determination to use it and it was a hit! 

We went to Lundy (just outside of Polzeath) and sat down with are cute little picnic set up at the edge of the cliff overlooking the bay. The good thing with Lundy is that it is a lot more quite than Polzeath!

lundy picnic berry pavlova

For the picnic I bought along with me some of my favourite picky food: a red pepper and feta Higgidy quiche, some Hippeas (these are chickpea snacks and if you haven’t tried them you must, they are delicious and I’m guessing a lot more healthier for you than normal crisps!) Also a mysterious free bottle of red wine to wash it all down with (I still don’t know where it came from, haha.) And of course, the star of the show, a homemade berry pavlova, a classic.

It all went down a treat and was such an enjoyable afternoon that Sam and I are ready to do it again soon! I will leave the recipe for the pavlova below.

Lots of love, Melissa x

lundy hole national trust cornwall
hippeas higgidy picnic
berry pavlova


3 egg whites, 8oz of caster sugar, double cream and a selection of berries of your choice.


Whisk up egg whites up in a bowl so it’s fluffy, white and peaky. (You want to make sure you have a whisk powerful enough.)

Gradually add caster sugar a tablespoon at a time, have your whisk on a lower setting.

Draw a circle on grease proof paper using a dinner plate and cut out and place on a baking tray.

Spoon the mixture onto the grease proof paper gently and evenly, making sure not to knock any air out.

Put in the oven for an hour and 20 min on a low temperature around 140 celsius. Leave in the oven and let it cool down slowly before opening the oven door, it will continue to rise.

Once cool remove from oven and tip it upside down and remove grease proof paper carefully.

Whisk up double cream until it’s thick, spread it over of the meringue and add your topping of choice in any design you like!