Room makeover – interior design

hot pink teenage bedroom interior
woodland themed bedroom interior

Teenage girl room makeover – interior design

Welcome back to my blog, today’s post is my room makeover that goes along with my room tour YouTube video. In the video, linked below, I explain in detail about how I decorated my room, the style and also how I did it on a budget. However, I thought I would also break it down into a blog post for those of you who prefer to read.

The before

Please don’t judge me but, yes I agree the before is awful. Yes it is very colour co-ordinated and definitely has a theme but, for me personally I had completely out grown it. I debated quite heavily if there was any point in me changing my room, as I had finished uni and didn’t know if I was going to move elsewhere. However, I am so glad that I decided to change it. It feels so much bigger, brighter and more airy.

Interior advice

I would strongly recommend buying your furniture and expensive pieces, like curtains, in neutral colours. This stops you from having to buy all new when you want to change your bedroom up.

Changing wall colours, artwork in frames, bedding and soft furnishing is a lot easier and more affordable to do.


flower teenage bedroom interior design
woodland designed room
hot pink teenage bedroom
interior design blog post

If you do have pieces of furniture you want to sell I would highly recommend using Facebook marketplace. I sold my desk on there and got quite a lot more money than I thought for it. Which then went towards a new white desk from Ikea. I prefer Facebook market place for this type of thing over Ebay as you don’t have to worry about postage.

Pinterest is a tool which I use to gather inspiration and to help me get a really clear idea of what I am trying to achieve. I will leave a link to the Pinterest board I created and used for my room makeover.

The after

I used elements that I had from my old uni room into my new bedroom at home. This allowed me to save a lot of money and of course the environment as I was reusing pieces. I will leave a link to my student room tour below. As you can see I have gone for a clean, forest, natural theme and have kept everything pretty neutral. The pops of colour are from my plants and art work. I plan on making a bit more of a gallery wall behind my bed in the future.

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Lots of love, Melissa x


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