Top tips for graduation: Falmouth University and meeting Dawn French

melissa carne graduation falmouth university cornwall

Top Tips for graduation.

This post is about top tips for graduation. I graduated with a first class BA in graphic design from Falmouth University in 2017. At my graduation I met the chancellor, Dawn French, was amazing. 

Prepping for graduation

It was hard for me to prepare for the day as I have never attended a graduation before. I am the first one in my immediate family to have actually gone to University! Going off pictures I had seen floating around online and the Universities database, I gathered a slight idea of the kind of thing I should be wearing and doing in my photographs!

Top tips for graduation:

  • Where something that you love and flatters you but, is also comfortable. Don’t wear too big of high heels if it hurts your feet! You want to enjoy your day, not be in pain.
  • Have hair that’s been unwashed for a few days and apply mousse to it. The more texture and less silky your hair is the better it is for your cap to stay on!
  • If your cap doesn’t fit properly go back and make them change it. Although it seemed like a palaver at the time it was worth doing to have a peace of mind that it wasn’t going to fall off on stage!
melissa carne at graduation, cornwall
falmouth university school of communication 2017
meeting dawn french at graduation from falmouth university
  • If for some reason that fails  bring bobby pins/hair grips along with you to help keep the cap in place. Also bring safety pins to stop your gown from sliding around everywhere.
  • Smile and enjoy your day! Don’t get too hung up on constantly taking photographs, live in the moment, appreciate it and allow yourself some time to reflect and feel proud for this wonderful

The day

Although the day was long it went really fast as I was constantly talking with friends, family and in my case Dawn French! Yes Dawn French is the Chancellor of Falmouth University. Although unfortunately I didn’t get a one on one picture with her, I did get to shake her hand. Dawn also gave everyone a chocolate coin with her face on it, haha.

Dawn also gave a comedic but emotional speech that had me and everyone tearing up at points. “Remember that however far you travel from Falmouth, Cornwall will always hold you in her gentle embrace, and you will carry her remarkable breathtaking light with you, wherever you go.” 

Overall I had a really lovely day which will be ingrained my memories forever. It is now onto a next chapter in my life and although it is scary and sad to see all my friends going their separate ways, I couldn’t be more proud of myself and all of my peers for actually doing it!

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Lots of love, Melissa x