Seal colony off Looe island, Cornwall

seal pup on rock covered in seaweed at looe island in cornwall

Seal colony of Looe island in Cornwall

This blog post is all about the seals off Looe island. My boyfriend and I often kayak here as we love the views and the spotting of the seal colony that often visit. As you can see in these images there are some very young seal pups out and about. How adorable are they?

How to get to the seals

If you own a kayak or small boat you can get to the seals by paddling or driving from Looe and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately I would say it was too far to swim for the average person from Looe or Hannafore beach. A few times a year on extreme low tides you can walk to Looe island from Hannafore beach. However, you won’t reach the side of the island the seals reside on.

Alternatively you can pay for a trip to see the seals, there a few that are advertised along Looe key. Or you can pay for a trip to the island itself where you can see the seals from land. Going to the island is also a great experience to see other wildlife that lives there. I went a few years back.

How to spot the seals

Seals can be quite timid animals so sometimes spotting them can be quite difficult. At Looe island we often find them at the end facing out to sea, where the sea tends to be more rough. On low tide you can often find them sunbathing on the rocks (they are very well 

melissa carne in double sea kayak off looe island in cornwall
seal head coming out of water near looe
melissa carne in sea kayak off looe in cornwall

camouflaged!) Or at high tide they may be in the water. Keep your eyes peeled at they do pop their heads up every now and then for breath.

Sometimes the seals may not be there at all as they have gone off to feed. It is honestly pot luck with what you may get.

How to behave around seals

If you go kayaking around any wildlife make sure to keep your distance. Seals can be are very frightful and you don’t want for them to harm themselves or to anger their parents, which are always near by.

Some seals may be more playful than others and even pop up right next to you. Try not to make any sudden movements or loud noises as this will scare them off.

It is also advised to never feed the seals as this messes with their hunting and eating patterns. They really do not need to be enticed any closer. You should sit back, relax and watch them do their natural thing.

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Lots of love, Melissa x