Reflection and the New Year – 2018

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Reflection and the New Year 2018

Happy New Year! This post is going to be a bit of a reflection of 2017 and goals I have started to set for 2018. Please let me know in the comments what New Years resolutions or goals you have set for yourself!

2017 reflection

So 2017 has been an interesting and busy year, a lot has happened this year and it has probably been one of the most challenging and turbulent years of my life thus far. 

First half of 2017

The first half of the year was pretty stable and normal. I was still at University which had its routines. I’m not saying it was easy, in fact far from it but it was something that was regular and that I felt comfortable with. While in my last year at uni I visited London and had a portfolio review. Had my final year show, worked my butt off and actually graduated with a first! 

Getting a first was my biggest accomplishment in life and yet it’s something that I have to remind myself regularly. As sometimes in the more turbulent part of 2017, I often forget or beat myself up about not 

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having a job or not having done this or that. However, actually it’s okay to take a break, god I’ve been in straight education for all of my life.


So going on to the second half of 2017 the scary, I’ve left education, what am I doing with my life side. Has been the most I have ever learnt about myself. I’ve had to push myself to do things that quite frankly have scared the shit out of me. However, by doing this I have learnt more about myself as a person. 

I feel like in the moments you feel most uncomfortable is when you truly see who you are and how strong of a person you are, you’re never going to grow by feeling comfortable. So the scary obstacles I have overcome in the second half of 2017 that I can think of (and I know this may sound silly to some) are; driving on the motorway, travelling for a solid month and doing internships in London. 

All of these things have scared me in one way or another, what a lot of you may not know is that I’m quite a homebody. I never even knew this about myself into I had to push myself to get away from home. I guess going to a uni in Cornwall meant that I never learnt that about myself like other people who travelled afar for their education did.


So now I’m going to go over the goals I set myself in 2017 and tell you whether I’ve achieved them or not. I recommend that you write your goals down somewhere you look often, so you have something physical in front of you that makes you feel accountable and that also is a regular reminder. 

I have my New Years Resolutions written in my phone’s notes since 2015. It’s actually really nice to look back over goals and see whether you have achieved them or not, and if you haven’t then that’s okay maybe you can achieve them in the following year. Also if you have trouble thinking of goals then go for a long walk, in nature if you can. I always go to the beach with my family and my dog as you can see in this post.

2017 GOALS:

  • Carry on with yoga. I did this for the first part 2017 as there was a yoga studio in Falmouth. However, since finishing uni I have fallen off the band wagon and I need to get back on it as it’s something I really enjoy.
  • Workout at least once a week. I did do this obviously when I was going to yoga but, actually on the most part I have kept this up with going for weekly runs, most of the time…
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  • Read a book before bed. This one I have struggled with immensely. I even buy books and put them on my bed side table but I don’t really ever read them unless I’m on holiday, I’m too addicted to my phone. This is a goal I’m going to put forward again in 2018.
  • Try Meditation. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but again I’m just stuck on how and finding a routine to make sure I do it regularly. So this is another goal being put forward to 2018.
  • Create an inspiration board. I have actually started to do this over on my Pinterest as I think that it’s really nice to have a visual representation of your goals.
  • Achieve a first. Yay I did actually do this.
  • Travel. I have travelled which is evident here on my blog.
  • Get work experience. Yep I have done two internships this year and have more lined up in 2018.
  • Get my instagram to 1,000 followers. Nope this hasn’t happened, I have grown it but not to that number. I don’t know how people do it. I put in so much effort for not much reward, all people do is follow and unfollow, is instagram dead?
  • Instagram every day. I have done this much to the despair of my friends. I know all of this social media stuff may sound shallow but I enjoy doing it. I’ve always taken a lot of photos everywhere I go as 

photography is a hobby of mine however, I’m not going to deny that it would be nice maybe one day to make a little bit of income from it, if that is ever possible.

  • Start a (travel) blog. Here we are.
  • Upload travel videos. I have done that too which you can see on my YouTube channel.


  • Do Yoga weekly.
  • Try Meditation.
  • Read or listen to audiobooks more. See how I’ve changed it to try and make it more achievable.
  • Travel. Still want to carry on doing this.
  • Keep instagramming daily.
  • Keep posting blog posts weekly. I really do enjoy doing this as it is a creative outlet and forces me to go out and do things.
  • Try posting more YouTube videos. Being in front of the camera is not something I particularly enjoy. I definitely like being more behind it, so I’m going to try and make it work somehow.
  • Get a Graphic Design job. I mean this one is a big one but let’s see.

Other posts

I hope this post has given you some ideas for New Years Resolution or goals for 2018 and I also hope that it helps keep me accountable for mine! Check out my other post on 5 things I learnt in 2018 which I think you may also enjoy.

Lots of love, Melissa x

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