Seal spotting at Godrevy, Cornwall

godrevy lighthouse in cornwall

Seal spotting at Godrevy in Cornwall

Seal spotting has been a very popular activity throughout Cornwall for many years and with the seal population levels rising it appears that they seem to be everywhere!

Interacting with wildlife

However, like with any opportunity to interact with wildlife it comes with great responsibility, admiration and care. These are wild creatures who just like me and you, like to live life on their own terms.

I often get asked where to spot seals in Cornwall, naively I use to tell people all about my favourite spots, wanting to share the joy that I received when viewing these wild animals in their natural habitat. However, recently I’ve come to realise that not everyone takes the same care not to disturb them as I did.

Spot seals safely

But I come to you pretty confidently with a solution, a place to spot seals safely and that place is Godrevy. Having lived in Cornwall my whole life I am absolutely amazed that I have never visited this gem until this summer. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a viewing platform on top of the cliff side that allowed you to watch the seals below without disturbing them.

seal spotting godrevy cornwall

Put together by the National Trust there are lots of informative signs on how to behave when in the presence of seals. Please take your time to read through these informative signs, abide by the rules and to tell others about them.

Godrevy gave me so much hope that we can enjoy the natural world in harmony with one another and one of my favourite activities can be shared with others in a responsible way.

What to bring when seal spotting

If you want to have the best seal spotting opportunities I would highly recommend bringing with you a pair of binoculars* or camera* with a zoom lens*. As you can see in the picture they are a masters of disguise!

The seals are also not always going to be located on the beach, you have to keep en eager eye out for them in the water too.

What to do at Godrevy

Other than spotting seals at Godrevy there are also some fantastic walks, I especially suggest walking around the headland to get some fantastic views of Godrevy lighthouse.

You can also enjoy Godrevy beach cafe which is open throughout the year and because it’s National Trust owned you can park for free if you are a memeber!

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