Thoughts on Consumerism!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Long time no speak.

In fact, it has been the longest time I have not blogged since I started, I fell in love with posting on here and getting to be creative every week. However, recently I became extremely busy with work, busy socialising, ill and quite frankly a little unsure of my own motives and how I want my space on the internet to actually progress, (I’ll get onto that in a minute.)

So as I said I have been very busy with work, what a lot of you might not know is that actually I have a full time job as a graphic designer, so really this blog is something I do entirely in my spare time. These past months I also have been freelancing in my spare time.  The freelance project I had been working on had gotten to the stage in these past few weeks where it was going off to print, which consequently came with a few hiccups and taking up a lot of my said spare time. However, that has all mostly been resolved and although I’m still working on other areas of design for that brand the most important part, the packaging, has been finished. I plan to hopefully with the launch of the rebrand next week, post all about my freelance experience and show you what I have been up to! Which should be exciting, if you’re interested in that area of my blog.

And of course my other lack of absence from my blog has been general life getting in the way, getting ill and also having a plethora of friends visiting and us visiting them in the Cornish summer madness, all lovely and fun of course!

But the real subject I wanted to tackle today, which has been bothering me with this industry, blogging and I guess design as well is consumerism. It kind of stemmed from doing our annual car boot with my Mum last weekend. As I was there selling all of our shit we no longer wanted I looked around at all of the other car loads of other people also selling their unwanted shit and just thought to myself, this is madness. How can one family curate such a massive amount of stuff 

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they no longer want!? And if every family or household, which I’m sure we all do, also has that much stuff which is no longer used or wanted then what on earth are we all doing!

I then out of boredom from the car boot scrolled through instagram looking at all of the the pretty pictures of places and animals and people, I then clocked how many people were subtly trying to advertise a product given to them by a brand and realised how utterly brainwashed I have become. It was kind of scary and eye opening. I then thought, is this what I’m doing with my own space on the internet? Because I certainly didn’t want to become a salesperson growing up.

And I know what you all must be thinking, but isn’t that why people become bloggers? To get free shit and then promote other people to buy it? I don’t know, and honestly I’m not sure if that was once one of my motives for even starting this platform. I certainly know now that I don’t want it to be. I want to promote Cornwall, the beautiful place in which I live, things I enjoy and being creative with my writing and photography but isn’t it inevitable that I am promoting a lifestyle, a place or even a product? I guess what this post is, is a number of questions I need to ask  myself.

Being a graphic designer my job is to ultimately make people want things, so I am very aware of how hypocritical I sound right now. However I would like to think that at the agency I work for do mostly good work for the world, working on charities and industries that are trying to make a difference. Design for change as we like to call it. I have always worked on behalf of a brand and I guess with my blog I am acting as myself. Individual ‘influencers’ are now a brand themselves. 

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Having gone to University and being within the field of design I am aware of consumerism and have had many lectures and discussions about it, (read Ken Garland’s first things first manifesto above.) However I am unsure that this conversation has been carried over into the blogging industry. Are we aware as creators and readers about the impact we are having on ourselves and our planet?

I understand that consumerism makes the world go round but we need to think about this planets future otherwise we wont have one left! We need to be conscious of what we are buying and realise the extent we are ultimately being brainwashed into wanting things that we really do not need! I really don’t want to be contributing to this issue and it is why I stopped doing YouTube. The videos that only did well were of the ones of me showing the crap that I had bought, which consequently made me want to do more of those videos and buy more crap. I am guilty of also watching and endorsing haul videos, I think it is just a massive cultural issue.

I am aware that I sound like such a hypocrite as I am within this consumer lead industry but if we don’t start these conversations than nothing will change. I’m not sure the direction I will take on my blog but I know I will take a lot more consideration to what I am posting. I just wanted to let you know about my internal debate and kind of explain my absence at the moment. I would also love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the matter.

I don’t honestly know if any of this will ever be resolved for me personally or in the industry but I think the first step is to become more aware. I’m sure there will be plenty more blog posts on this subject in the future but right now it is just some food for thought.

Thank you for reading this post or maybe having an inward reflection yourself.

Lots of love, Melissa x


Some of these photos have been pulled off my own instagram feed in the past hour, it is not a personal attack on anyone but just to prove my point.

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