RMS Mulheim, Sennen, Cornwall

RMS Mulheim shipwreck located between Lands End and Sennen on the south coast of Cornwall, England.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is all about the shipwreck RMS Mulheim that ran aground in 2003 between Lands End and Sennen.

RMS Mulheim was a German cargo ship that on its voyage from Ireland to Germany, carrying 2,200 tonnes of scrap car plastic it ran aground at Gamper Bay. The crew on board were all rescued and airlifted to Cudlrose where they treated for shock. After an investigation it was discovered that the chief officer on watch had caught his trousers in the lever of his chair causing him to fall over and knocking him unconscious. 

Now after many the years the ship has been broken up on the rocks by the strong swells and storms from the Atlantic. You can see in the picture adjacent the size of this ship compared to me.

To reach RMS Mulheim it is best to park at Sennen harbour car park which was a reasonable £2.50 for 4 hours and then walk up the coastal path towards Lands End. When your on the coastal path it is literally a 5-10 minute walk when you will come across a cove, if you’re looking out for it you will most probably see it, it’s kind of hard to miss!

If you want to actually go down like we did then I have a few warnings.

melissa carne standing next to rms mulheim in sennen in cornwall
rusty washed up ship in sennen in cornwall
rusty part of rms mulheim washed up on the beach
rusty ship washed up on a cornish beach

It is extremely steep, wet and slippery so please, please be careful. To be honest at times I didn’t think I could do it and, if you’re thinking about walking on the moss rather than the stream I wouldn’t advise it. Make sure you wear good hiking boots as I wore my converse’s which got lagged in mud. 

Once you make it down to the bay you then have the hazard of the ships debris which quite honestly blocks your path to it. Watch your step, test the strength of the metal before putting your full weight on it and mind your hands as parts can be pretty sharp.

I would also highly discourage actually stepping inside the ship, we didn’t. Also you can only access the ship at low tide and make sure the sea conditions are calm.

Then after all of that you have to make your way back up, my heart was honestly racing, at one point I was hanging onto some moss with only one foot on the ground for support!

This shipwreck isn’t for the faint hearted but, those less able or adventurous  can admire it from the cliff tops! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you a sense of adventure, While you are in the area why not check out Lands End.

Lots of love, Melissa x

rms mulheim boat washed up between sennen and lands end