Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls, Cornwall, England

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is all about the magical Golitha Falls, located near Liskeard in Cornwall, England.

I had visited Golitha Falls many times as a child, it was a place we went on a family walk on a nice weekend. We normally headed off to Siblyback down afterwards as it is not too far away. However, I haven’t visited Golitha in a while, my “fondest” memory of the place is playing amongst all of the fallen trees, crossing the tiny streams, only leading me to slipping and falling in! 

I’m not going to lie, this time I visited I went and did the same thing! But, not across the river but on land, because it was wet I sipped and fell right on my bum which lead to a lovely massive bruise…

Anyway back to Golitha Falls, it is a beautiful woodland with a section of the River Fowey running through it. In this section of the river there are many mini waterfalls (cascades), which makes for an interesting and peaceful walk.  Golitha is also a nature reserve and is a place of scientific interest thanks to its amazing woodland flora meaning you can expect a new experience each time you visit.

There are several different trails you can take around the woodland, each are all marked, look out for the sign in the car park at the beginning of the trail and signs along the way.

Golitha has a pretty decent sized car park, which last time I visited was free! There are also some public toilets and a fairly new cafe called

Inkies Smoke House BBQ. I was quite pleasantly surprised with the unusual cafe. It definitely had an American Western theme to it, with the wooden shack, lights and wagon outside. Although the cafe is pretty small it is the perfect place to have a spot of lunch or a nice warm drink after your walk. I opted for an almond chai latte which I was quite surprised to be on the menu in such a remote place in Cornwall!

In the car park there also appears to be a small farm shop also owned by Inkies, a nice place to pick up some local produce.

Well that’s it for my Golitha Falls blog post, if you enjoyed this post why don’t you check out my post on Polruan and Fowey, which is where the river leads out too!

Lots of love, Melissa x