Hello, my name is Melissa Carne and I am a Cornish lifestyle, travel and design blogger.

I started this blog in 2017 as a platform to post about places, events and brands in oh, so sunny Cornwall, my travel photographs from all around the world and my experience as a graphic designer. I also use this platform as a place to entertain and educate you on a variety of subjects I care about. 

I post every Sunday at 7pm so, if you would like to take this adventure with me then please subscribe to my blog! If you want to say hello or collaborate with me, then please email melissacarne@hotmail.co.uk 

As well as blogging I am a freelance graphic designer based in you got it, Cornwall, England. I work remotely and in-house and specialise in idea generation, branding and visual identity, logos, infographics, advertising and packaging design. You can check out my portfolio site to see my work.

I have been an in-house freelancer for Nixon Design, Meor Design, Hutch Agency and Falmouth University and have a few clients of my own. I am currently looking to expand my connections with studios and personal clients, if your interested in working with me on a design project please also email melissacarne@hotmail.co.uk

Lots of love, Melissa x